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Centers and lands

Centers and lands

Centers and lands Global network of centers and lands

The vision – to create a global network of centers and lands that brings back the power of a supportive community to our lives.

A real connection to the land, to people and to nature. Collaborative communities with true friends that surround us, while we are having deep conversations, and engaging in a meaningful discourse.

1. Community Centers – Love Supply
The vision – The establishment of new community centers that are designed at the highest level to strengthen the community. A place to meet, where people can learn , develop and expand their social and business connections. A place with abundance for us and for our children. A place where we learn to reconnect with each other and have lots of fun along the way.

Imagine a supportive system, where you always have someone to turn, talk to or consult with, a system that strengthens us, and gives us a real sense of home, friendship and partnership.

What Is actually happening – Together organization establishing a nationwide network of Community Centers. In every city, neighborhood, moshav or kibbutz.

The centers serve as a home and meeting place for all members of the community.

Each center will be operated by the community members who have been trained to hold a supportive, diverse and inclusive space.

The centers will connect between community members and offer many activities for the benefit of the members including, shared meals, office supplies, shopping for discounted food products, singing, art, creativity activities and more.

2. Ecological Lands / Healing Places
The vision – a network of lands located in the most beautiful nature in Israel and around the world. Lands that are a safe place for everyone to come and disconnect a little from the pace of life. Lands and places to visit alone or with the family. People will have the opportunity to take part in empowering workshops, healing treatments, learn about solar energy and organic agriculture, feel the earth, be surrounded by amazing people and the powerful nature.

Rent a Hut or a glamping tent in nature, relax and just be!

Imagine traveling around the world, visiting various places, where in every place you are welcomed with open arms and lots of love and each has its own uniqueness to offer you.

What Is Actually Happening – Together organization acquires new lands and joins existing lands in Israel and abroad in order to create a large network of ecological lands and healing places. There is already a large land in Portugal, another land in Israel and many other existing lands that will join together to create this wonderful network.

The lands will cooperate and trade in information and products in order to support the growth and development of the network.

3. Community Vacations
The vision – a vacation with meaning is a real vacation… a vacation where you connect, recharge and enjoy, meet new and old friends, and most importantly, meet yourself. Fun activities that develop us and connect us to our essence – A whole festival. Magical places surrounded by nature, that are truly inexpensive, since the goal is to allow a vacation that is not a financial burden.

A community vacation where you can enjoy indulging material experiences such as extreme sport, indulging accommodation rooms and culinary experiences as well as activities that fill your heart and soul.

What is actually happening – Together organization is working to purchase/rent large, magical lands for the purpose of building sites for community vacations. Together with strong entrepreneurs in the field and visionaries, The organization aims to make our vacations meaningful and empowering.