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Education and Learning

Education and Learning

Education and Learning Together we create a New Education System!

The vision – An Education System that gives our children the tools to face life and society, rather than a system that measures them only by grades and achievements. A system that helps them find their inner light, what is right for them and what makes them happy and that strengthens their self-confidence from an early age. A System that empowers who they really are and doesn’t cause them to put on masks and unreal emotional layers. A System which helps them to connect with each other and with us – their parents.

An Education System that sees learning as a way of life and operates as a “learning and knowledge accessibility System.”

Teachers who specialize in igniting children’s imagination, curiosity and creating a knowledgeable environment around them, which is adjusted to the personality and passion of each child.

Imagine our children learning how to turn ideas into reality and starting a real life of freedom. They also learn about dreaming, imagining and creating, so they will be mature and equipped with all the knowledge and tools to achieve self fulfillment and live a happy life full of connection to their inner self and others around them.

Together we create a New Education System!

1. Schools/ kindergartens
Together organization joined by amazing organizations that have already been applying methods and methodologies that can make happy and connected children. These organizations have established kindergartens, schools and they are operating enrichment and development programs for tens of thousands of children, youth and families across Israel. Together we are connecting all the organizations to one powerful fabric of knowledge and infrastructure in order to make this high quality education accessible to all.

2. The Academy
Together with the best mentors, coaches and therapists in Israel, we are creating the Academy of the New World. The Academy normalizes the important areas of knowledge that are currently taught only in courses by private individuals, and creates new and powerful learning programs. The Academy will provide access to a large variety of learning areas such as: Complementary Healing and Treatment, Natural Health and Nutrition, Community Economics, creating a Social Business, Entrepreneurship in the new world, Shamanism, Meditations, Yoga and many more valuable professions.

The students will get practical tools for life from teachers who have already practiced, used and fulfilled their goals in the world. The knowledge available in the Academy is at the highest level and the graduates can find work through and with assistance by the Together organization.