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Empowering Media

Empowering Media

Empowering Media Together we create new Media!

This is our time to create a new, real and empowering Media. Media that is for the People by the people and free from external interests. Together Organization created a professional TV Channel and a new Social Network for the community, and it is now in the process of establishing a Radio Station with a recording studio for music and Podcasts.

Together we create new Media!

1. Together TV
The vision – a TV Channel filled with fascinating, empowering and knowledgeable content. A channel with original productions that bring true stories, good news that opens the heart (instead of shrinking it). A channel with inspiring content that gives us hope and enlightens what’s really important.

What is actually happening – We have brought together some of the best media people in Israel (screenwriters, creators, directors and producers) and we are creating a professional TV Channel that will broadcast content with high level of production. The Channel will be available to everyone for free and will broadcast straight from the studios of ‘Together’ with love. The Channel will broadcast a large variety of content in areas such as: consciousness, abundance, relationships, health, entrepreneurship, happy news and more.

2. Together App
The vision – a Social Network for the Together community. A Social Network that connects thousands of communities and creates a new discourse, which is pleasant and not driven by external parties nor by money. A Social Network that is a safe place for self-expression, collaborations and creativity. A Social Network where we –  set the tone.

What Is actually happening – Together with wonderful people from the technology industry, we have developed a new and magnificent Social Network. This is our home! Here you can be a partner in creating the new reality. You can vote, receive transparent updates about everything that is going on in the organization, connect with amazing people from around the world, engage in meaningful discussions on issues that matter to you, consume empowering content and most importantly – influence and take part in the global change.

The platform is about to launch very soon, stay tuned.

3. Radio Station with a recording studio for music and Podcasts