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New consciousness

New consciousness

New consciousness Together we create a new consciousness!

The vision – there are over a million organizations that want to do good in the world – so why isn’t change happening yet? Because every organization works independently. That’s why we set up an organization for the  purpose of connecting all these organizations – and we called it – Together. In the last ten months “magic” has happened. A magic that can only happen together…

The real change that is occurring in all of us is a personal and collective, change of consciousness. A new personal and collective consciousness is evolving right in front of our eyes: we choose oneness instead of separation, we see abundance instead of scarcity and we connect to giving from the heart.

A consciousness of true oneness.

If only people would wake up in the morning and realize how special and powerful they are. Personal and collective consciousness healing is the key to achieving real change in the world and although it is a whole journey and not magic that happens in an instant, Together organization has taken upon itself to be a big part in this mission of creating change through personal and collective consciousness and has been doing so successfully for over a year with tens of thousands of people.

Together we create a new consciousness!

What’s actually happening –

1. Empowering Content
Together joined over 150 leading therapists, mentors, and teachers in Israel who took care and supported tens of thousands of people in their lives. Together we have created a warm and fertile space that touches and changes the lives of tens of thousands of people, through festivals, special events and by creating an abundance of fascinating and enriching content. Now with the development of the new Social Network and TV channel we will take content accessibility to the next level and make sure that suitable support is provided everywhere and to every person, so they can feel safe and take the consciousness leap that will change their lives. Together it’s much easier!

2. Conferences and Events
The organization joined by some of the largest and most well-known productions in Israel.  Together we produce conferences and events that expand the individual and collective consciousness throughout the country – Personal or business development conferences, festivals, unity singing circles and a wide range of awareness and unifying events. There is nothing quite like a physical gathering, that fills the heart with love, to transform consciousness and empower togetherness.

3. Breakthrough Research
The organization joined amazing and groundbreaking organizations in the field in Israel and abroad. Organizations like ‘The 1 Field’ and ‘The Institute for Research and Consciousness’ are working hard to bring the scientific angle in the field of consciousness and make this knowledge accessible to a large audience of people. There are also new technologies that have been developed or are currently in development stages. Together organization has been creating the connections, collaborations of all these revolutionary technologies and people, thus, helping the general public to create the desired change.