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New Economy

New Economy

New Economy Together we create a new economy!

The Together organization has collaborated with the best experts in this field to create a new economy model. A system in which  we have no need to survive and there is no economic fear, a system in which we have an entire community behind us, taking care of us, and ensuring that our money will have more value. A system that provides us with simple ways to increase our available capital and another layer of economic stability.

A system that makes sure the cost of living decreases significantly and we are freer to do the things that excite us.

A collaborative economic system, which belongs to the community and not to big corporations, a system that helps us get greater value.

In essence, a company that makes a lot of profit, but instead of giving it to a few individual shareholders, it returns all the profits to the community! All is reflected and communicated in complete transparency to the entire community members.

Together we create a new economy!

1. Together Coin / Bank
The vision – Our own Bank/Coin which works and produces money for us and not for others, and with this money we create a better life for all of us. A Bank/Coin with our own currency, in which its value is based on the community connection and mutual responsibility, and this sets its value. Imagine a world where the economy thrives along with and for the communities it serves.

What Is actually happening – Together with amazing partners we have built strong platforms for a new economy, which is now in the advanced stages of releasing a real community Coin. A Coin that its value is backed up by the strong, supportive Together community. The Coin is based on the Blockchain technology which provides full transparency and is defined by predefined smart contracts to prevent any situation of individual control. The Coin will serve as a tool for trade within the community, it will reduce and minimise all the high commissions we pay and will put us in charge of our own money.

Additionally, The Coin will generate profits for the community members, lower the cost of living and enable a comfortable life without fear of survival.

As the community grows so does the Coin value, and by that, creates greater value for all of us.

2. Community Insurance
The Vision – an insurance company of mutual guarantee in all aspects of life – health, education, economy, vehicles, and more. An insurance company that is truly our safety net. A company that is there for us in the moments of truth and cares for us, so that we are able to live a better and more peaceful life.

What Is actually happening – Together organization, join forces with experts and companies in the field of insurance and together we are establishing the infrastructures of a community insurance company. Our insurance company is unique in that instead of huge profits going to shareholders, the profits go back to the community. For example – Today you pay NIS 4,000 per year for car insurance to get full protection in case of an accident. The money is taken, invested with a good return and then distributed to the company’s shareholders.

When you join our insurance company you can pay much less and the money invested will be used to provide more services. For example – next year, you can take care of your car service in a garage that was founded by the community and where community members work in, and they really care about you and your car. More services will be added gradually and will make our lives easier and the insurance prices will also go down gradually unlike what we are used to today.

3. Together Business
The vision – Commercial companies and entities that change their perception and first of all act based on what I can give and only then what will I receive. Companies and organizations are connecting and realising that they are part of one big system that operates together. Companies that are built to improve the lives of others and not just their own. Company owners who are deeply committed to the company vision and make their employees feel the same way. Imagine if all existing companies added a social component to their activities so that they contribute and do good in the world. Imagine we are moving from a world of constant competition to a world of collaboration that creates great abundance for all involved.

What is actually happening – Amazing people have joined the Together organization , people who hold very senior positions in leading companies in Israel and abroad and understand the need for a change in the business world.

We develop plans that will help businesses succeed in the shifts that are happening right now in the world and be the first to understand the new ways of doing business, ways that make their lives easier and allow them to thrive.

4. Vision Fulfilment Department
The vision – Empowerment and advice for entrepreneurs, businesses and self-employed individuals in a creative and practical way by connecting community resources for the benefit of us all. Imagine that you are not alone, because you have the support of a huge community and a team of professionals in all relevant fields who accompany you from the vision stage all the way through to fulfillment. Imagine the purchasing power, bargaining power, and strength we have when we are connected together – businesses and community. We all have dreams we want to fulfil but in most cases, we give up because we don’t know how to bring them to fruition on our own.

Together created a community eco-system that allows us to pursue our passions, what we are good at and what we love to do and makes us truly excited.

What is actually happening – Together organization has set up an entire department just for that!

We brought together a multidisciplinary community of experts, each leading in his field. This community supports you in business processes and in projects, from strategy level to practice, practicality and the materialization stage, including marketing, accounting and all the bureaucracy along the way.  Your success is our success.

  • The business community has these tools to offer:
  • Large community
  • Independent Social Network
  • TV Channel
  • Marketing experts
  • Branding experts
  • Business consultants
  • Sales experts
  • Accounting
  • Legal Advice
  • Mental mentoring for success
  • An extensive network of connections to key people in Israel and abroad

Together Organization integrates between the worlds of consciousness and the worlds of practice in an extraordinary and harmonious way so that we ensure great enjoyment on the way to business success and personal fulfilment.