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Sustainability, Climate & Environment Restoration of the Climate and the Ecosystem

The vision – Mankind, society, economy – all acting together in harmony to maintain our  environment. Overall decisions making, resources we allocate and the actions we take, contribute to the restoration of the Climate and the Ecosystem on which we depend.

What’s actually happening –

The Together organization is connected and connects organizations and activists from Israel and around the world in the fields of sustainability, ecology, climate and the environment. We are all committed and working to restore balance and renew the powerful alliance between humanity and nature. It is the sacred privilege of mankind “to tend and care” (for Mother Earth). To ensure that resources and abundance will be here for many more years, we work to reconnect civilization to nature, through the development of urban agriculture projects, edible forests, investment in environmental sustainability projects and a global community network with a true and deep connection to nature.

The Together organization supports the development, financing and implementation of solutions that restore the climate. There are currently over a trillion tonnes of excess CO2 in the atmosphere that will continue to warm the Earth even if we stop greenhouse gas emissions tomorrow morning (which is unlikely to happen). To ensure the survival and prosperity of our children and future generations we must work together as unified humanity to remove the excess greenhouse gases and do beneficial things with them (anything that can be done with carbon from the earth can also be done with carbon from the air). The organization will harness the creativity and innovation of the “start-up nation” to develop safe economical solutions and export them to the rest of the world. The climate is the best example of a global challenge that overrides political boundaries and differences, illustrating above all, our need to unite.

Together organization supports a Network establishment of eco-technological villages that combine ancient knowledge and innovative technologies to create a model of paradise on earth. The network consists of local centers (urban and rural), regional centers, global centers, which all work in cooperation with the communities around them and with each other to initiate and drive sustainable projects.