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Niv Amir

Former entrepreneur and founder of startups in the field of techno in the past. Today he enjoys a return to his roots as a ‘kibbutznik child in the soul’ / founder and CEO of Yahad. “Bringing people together makes me shine from within.”

Dan Lustig

Mind designer, teacher and therapist. Develops a super-medical method – which allows the body to heal itself. And also ‘professional’ Shotnik.

Uri Raz

Social entrepreneur and owner of restaurants, architect of the program for a new world. “My fuel in life is to make dreams come true.”

Michal Milgrom

Models an awake deity in a human body. Leads the unification of light cultures. A leading mentor and developer of the ‘MetaFeeling’ method – awareness of a new reality.

Yotam Itach

Connects matter to spirit … a pioneer who brings a dream to reality and in these times establishes the land of ‘Akashik Connection’ the first land in the organization together. “Life Is Bless and Love Is Bliss”.

Dean Helena

Circassian light warrior. Shatters limiting illusions. Creates spaces of freedom