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Wellbeing and Health

Wellbeing and Health

Wellbeing and Health Together we create a new Wellbeing and Health System!

The vision – A Wellbeing and Health System that treats us as an integrated unit of body, mind and soul and operates like an effective immune system – keeps us healthy, treats imbalances and prevents diseases before they cause damage.

If the system failed and you still got sick, the entire system is focused on healing you, treating the cause of the disease from its roots and strengthening your natural immune system so that the disease does not return again.

Imagine that the best doctors and treatments are available with a click of a button, and we know that the entire Health Care System works only for us and not for any other external motives.

What Is actually happening – Together organization has joined world-renowned healers, technological entrepreneurs, doctors and experts from Israel and abroad, together we are developing systems and an infrastructure for a beneficial holistic Health System. The goals – providing easy and convenient access to all health services, lowering the insurance costs and having a balanced integration – body mind and soul.

Together we create a new Wellbeing and Health System!

1. Consciousness and Healing Centers
The organization is in the process of planning and establishing a network of Consciousness and Healing Centers throughout Israel. In partnership with ‘Medical Care’, we have already begun a process of training therapists and creating content that integrates powerful methods into integrative groundbreaking processes. The centers will help thousands of people to go through deep internal processes, release barriers and have a better, happier and healthier life. Are you Interested in joining the training and becoming a consciousness healing therapist? Click here and send us a message

2. Consciousness Research
We have partnered with leading organizations in Israel and abroad to breakthrough  all aspects of consciousness, which will lead to momentous  research that will be accessible to all relevant people and organizations interested , which will provide a research knowledge-base accessible to everyone and by that create a significant change in the consciousness research field of study. The field of consciousness research will help validate many alternative methods that have already proved themselves and are working well, but have not yet received enough support from the authorities.

3. Ancient Natural Medicine and Innovative Technology
The organization joined other organizations, therapists and leading entrepreneurs in Israel and abroad in order to bring innovative and powerful Healing Technologies, and to raise back the awareness of the ancient natural medicine that includes herbs, natural extracts and treatment methods that have healed thousands of people worldwide with serious diseases and do not receive enough exposure.